Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Shirt Elbow Blow Out

I have owned several Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts over the years.  For me they are great for my regular business casual attire at work and they fit my slim frame well.  Plus, they are great to travel with since they don't wrinkle.  Unfortunately, one by one, the fabric on the elbows of the shirts keep ripping.  I used to return them and get new ones but now I'm so fed up that I will never purchase them again.  I had my latest blowout yesterday.  It was another lightly worn shirt that blew out on the elbow.  The funny part is that the shirt was a replacement for another shirt that blew out.  I was told by Brooks Brothers directly that the issue with the fabric failing prematurly had been fixed.  Obviously, this isn't the case. 

These shirts aren't cheap and it is a real shame that they are not durrable.  They just lost a long-time customer.