Saturday, January 14, 2012

Napa on 26, Bangkok

For Western style fine dining in Bangkok, Napa on 26 is a great choice.  I celebrated my big birthday here and was quite happy with the experience.  First, the decor of the restaurant is pure class and comfortable.  The tables are nicely spread out so you can enjoy a bit of privacy and peace during your meal.  The chairs are some of the most comfortable that I have experienced in a restaurant.  The table for two was nice and large.   Second, the service was polished and prompt - almost up to the standards of a fine restaurant in New York City.  Finally, the food was excellent for the most part - highlights were the duck confit (special of the night), braised short ribs and Caesar salad "Napa" style.  I didn't care for the carpaccio though.  Beautiful presentation and wonderful flavors.  My only compliant was that things were slow coming out of the kitchen.   In a very classy move, the chef came to our table to apologize as he was short staffed due to the recent holiday.

The wine list is very good for Thailand although the pricing is absolutely astronomical compared to the US or Europe.    I attribute this to the massive tax levied against wine imports into Thailand.  I was stunned to see how expensive wine was on the shelf at Foodland market.  However, if you are a baller you can choose such trophies as Mouton, Lafite, DRC and Screaming Eagle off the list at Napa on 26.  Corkage is a very reasonable 500 THB so you are much better off bringing your own bottle than buying off the list.    Wine service was excellent with beautiful stems and prompt service.  Highly recommended. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mont Nom Sod, Bangkok

On my most recent trip to Bangkok in January 2012, Mont Nom Sod was once again one of the absolute culinary highlights.  First, we visited the original location on Dinso Road after dinner.  This is a beautiful shop (clean and sleek) and a great place for people watching.  Both times I have been here I have been the only farang.  We devoured three pieces of thick white toast smothered with condensed milk and washed it down with a fresh milk on ice.  So simple yet so utterly delicious and it makes for great food porn in the photos.

I just had to get my fix again before leaving for Los Angeles so I dipped into MBK on its second floor for another trip to culinary heaven.  Two pieces of toast drizzled with condensed milk and a glass of fresh milk on ice.  While the MBK branch is much smaller and plain looking compared to the mother-ship, the food is just as delicious!  We need this here in the USA but it will never happen so I'll just have to keep coming back to Bangkok to get my Mont Nom Sod fix.