Friday, June 25, 2010

Newport Beach

Coming out to Newport Beach next week to celebrate the 4th of July and catch up with my family and friends.  I'll be doing my fair share of budget dining during my time there.  Of course I will be knocking back lots of beer and wine too.  Lucky for me there are lots of good dining choices in the area and I have an ambitious schedule of eats planned:

- Bear Flag Fish Company (daily dose of fish tacos)
- The Galley (chili cheese omelets)
- Santouka (shio ramen)
- Little Saigon (so many choices)
- Mama D's (let down potential is big)
- Big Belly Deli (is it as good as Casey and the Yelpers say?)
- Lots of home cooking from the General's kitchen
- Possible blow out wine dinner for the Stuman's 50th

I'm excited to see my family (including my Dad who is staying around instead of going to Lake Charles).  Dave O is coming out from Chicago.  Randy is looking to come down and ogle at all the amazing eye candy.  Hopefully the Godfather and Marybeth can come down after their big move.  Wheels up early morning Wednesday, June 30.  

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