Monday, July 19, 2010

Phil's BBQ, San Diego

I finally had a meal at Phil's BBQ, several years after my brother had recommended it.  I was taken back by the portion sizes.  There are just enormous!  I had a half order and could not finish it.  Mind you, I have a very healthy appetite.  Now if this was the South, I would understand.  However, this is San Diego!  Home to some of the most fit humans on the planet.  I thought the BBQ was good but I've had better in several different places.  This was not a surprise though.  San Diego is not known as the BBQ capital of anything.  While this is a cult classic in the area it didn't earn JO's stamp of approval.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans

I've visited this New Orleans institution several times over the years.  The food is consistently excellent and the feel is distinctively local.  I enjoyed a nice bowl of crawfish etouffee minutes after dropping my bags at my hotel.  Everything on the menu looked great including the signature Ferti Special po' boy, which I have enjoyed on prior visits.   Mother's is a can't miss spot for food in NOLA.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Katsu Pork Curry at Miyabi-Tei - Costa Mesa, CA

I enjoyed a tasty plate of katsu pork curry for lunch at Miyabi-Tei in the Mitsuwa Marketplace.  While it didn't make me forget about Curry House Coco in Tokyo, it was tasty Japanese lunch.  The food courts inside Mitsuwa are just fabulous. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Diego Forlan is a complete stud

One of the best players in the 2010 World Cup was undoubtedly Diego Forlan of Uruguay.   Some of his free kicks were astonishing as was his long range blast against Holland to equalize.  He was a real joy to watch and Uruguay had a great run at this World Cup.  I'm still stunned by the end of the Ghana match as well as his goal in the 3rd place match.

Newport Beach 4th of July

Great times with RT and Dave O down in Newport Beach.  Perfect weather and the most activity that I have seen by far on 27th Street.  Lots of big Cali bombs consumed.