Sunday, March 21, 2010

Botin for dinner

My last dinner in Madrid on this trip was at restaurant Botin.  A famous place for 2 reasons - Hemingway ate here and wrote about it as the best meal he ever had.  I´m sure Papa would not write about it anymore!  Botin is also documented as the oldest restaurant in the world dating back to early 1700s.  This place is in every single guide book.  Tourist trap beyond.  Usually I run the other way at these type of places.  Oh yes I do.  I had several people tell me that I HAD TO EAT HERE IN MADRID.  THIS IS THE BEST RESTAURANT YOU WILL EVER EAT AT.  Ok, ok, please.  I refuse to believe anything is the best ever unless we are talking about Alinea in Chicago.  Further red flags.  The people giving me these recommendations are not iron clad, can´t miss, God´s palate types like Mark, my brother, Dave O or Khao.  I went anyways.  It wasn´t horrible.  I had the roasted baby lamb - house specialty.  It was OK.  I have had tons of better lamb though.  It was very mediocare to be honest.  Service was friendly but disorganized.  Had a nice half bottle of 2005 Rioja with the baby and a free glass of dry sherry on the house.  Very tasty. 

Granada tomorrow!  Is this a sister city to my hometown Granada Hills????


  1. I do miss Wondee! No Thai food in Spain! Actually saw a few places in Madrid. I bet they are awful.

  2. 3 stars? I am budget on this trip. No more cash flow!


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