Sunday, March 21, 2010

Holy Toledo!

Had a great day trip to the city of Toledo.  30 minutes on the fast train.  Lots of walking in the historic center.  Tons of tourists.  I can´t imagine how many would be there during the high season.  I thought about spending a night there but Dave O was right on with his advice to do a day trip.  Thanks Dave!  I covered the town in a few hours and was ready to get back to Madrid.

Tonight is my final night in this fine city.  I am pretty tired from last night´s excesses.  Might take a nap before hitting my favorite tapas bar Tempranillo and dinner later at the famous Botin.  Suckling pig is the specialty of the house.

I have a 9am train to the city of Granada tomorrow.  Very much looking forward to this next destination.

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