Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bonaire Day 4

The 3 tank boat dive was really nice.  We start up north in the marine park for the first two dives.  There were a few big tarpon, a stingray and some large black grouper.  The reef was a different look up north.  Not as delicate as the more sheltered reefs.  The 3rd dive was off Klein and was a continuation of the 'turtle dive'.  I came upon a very large largerhead turtle.  He didn't move so I just hovered about him as he chilled out in a coral head.  There were a few other nice turtles on the dive including one that swam next to me for about 5 minutes.  The 3 tank boat dive pretty much sucked up the whole day.  We came back to the DBV and sucked down the remainder of our case of beer by the pool.  Major crisis!  We are out of beer. 

Dinner tonight at the Peruvian place in town although Dave is itching to get to Patchie's Place.

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