Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bonaire Day 5

Today was 2 boat dives on Klein Bonaire.  Menno was having some ear problems so he just dropped us off in the water and picked us up.  The first dive was a drift dive.  The only special things we saw on that dive was a nice small turtle that I got very close to.  He was just eating and wasn't bothered by my close proximity.  The second dive was Carl's Hill, which is the small wall on Klein.  There were a few Horse-eyed Jacks swimming below us.  Beyond that nothing extraordinary to report.  We ran out of bottom time pretty quickly on the second dive.  A good reason to make the switch to Nitrox.  In fact, it seems that Dave and I are the only ones here at the DBV who are diving good old fashioned air.  I keep saying I'm switching to Nitrox but I haven't made the investment just yet.  I'll wait til I get a job. 

Enjoyed a lazy afternoon out by the pool with Usco and Bully.  They are enjoying the chicken wrapped dog treats I brought from Trader Joe's. 

Off to dinner soon at Mi Banana.  Perhaps a stop at Patchie's for a beer?

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