Monday, February 28, 2011

Arrival in Bangkok

The flight to Bangkok was mostly smooth and as enjoyable as a 18 flight could be.  The seat next to me was open so I had an extra level of comfort.  Service on Thai Airways was excellent, smooth as silk.  We had 3 meals and I slept a lot thanks to the Ambian.  There was nothing to see on the way.  Just 17 hours of darkness until we crossed over the coast of Vietnam between the cities of Hue and Danang.  The sun was barely coming up as we landed at BKK. 

We arrived 30 minutes early and Lilly was at the airport to pick me up.  We fought the early morning Bangkok traffic and got to my hotel.  They let me check-in early so I have dropped my bags and took a shower.  I feel like I am reborn.  We are heading out for breakfast now and perhaps a welcome massage.  More updates to follow.  We had a busy afternoon of driving around and eating a lot of different things.  Back at the room now and relaxing before dinner.

Bangkok is as bustling as ever.  Culinary opportunities are as omnipresent as the heat and humidity.

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