Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bangkok Day 1

The first day of my trip was quite busy (and seemed to last forever).  I got the welcome Thai massage for an hour.  It felt great and only cost $5 for an hour.  Lilly and I drove around the city for part of the day.  Traffic everywhere.   We ditched the car and rode the public transportation later (the better bet).  Food is everywhere and we ate throughout the day.  We had dinner in Silom on the street.  The highlight was fresh red snapper in chili lime sauce.  Amazing flavors.  I was utterly exhausted by last night.  I slept great and woke up early this morning.  Just had a very good western breakfast at my hotel.  Plans for today are getting my visa for Laos and getting lunch at Chote Chitr.  Boat noodles later in the day at Victory Monument.

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