Friday, October 14, 2011

Landing feet first in Rome

Easy flight from Newark to Rome last night and into this morning.  No ground delays despite fog and light rain.  We quickly climbed through the fog and clouds and were soaring through blue skies within a minute of liftoff.  My seatmate was a hip older gentleman that was going on two separate cruises leaving from Rome.  More than 30 days in total.

Dinner was some of the worst airline food I've ever eaten.  Got some sleep (thanks to the Ambian) and enjoyed a great view of the sun rising over the northern coast of France.  On the approach Rome we had a nice flyby from a Alitalia 767 or 777.  He was below us but pretty close.  Nothing dangerous or close enough to trigger TCAS.

Customs in Europe always makes me laugh and this morning was no exception.  The agent looked at my passport for all of about 0.5 seconds and didn't bother to stamp it.  From the aiport I took the train into the city and then a quick walk to my hotel.  Our room isn't ready yet so I'm here waiting for Dave O.  Perfect weather this morning.       

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