Sunday, October 16, 2011

On to Orvieto

Had a good full day in Roma yesterday.  Lots of walking and a couple good meals.  Roma Sparita was awesome.  Cacio e pepe was better than Da Felice.  Da Felice is really soupy, which is good but on the heavy side.  Sparita is lighter with lots of cracked pepper and the clincher is the cheese bowl that it is served in.  Incredible dish.  Thanks to Tony Bourdain for the find.  Nice spot in a quiet piazza in Trastevre.  Good pizza too.

Picked up the car this morning and drove to Orvieto.  Good drive and the countryside is beautiful in Umbria.  Nice town too.  Took some good pictures.  Off to Montalcino and tasting at Valdicava in the morning.

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